How to change Odoo website page URL?
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How to change Odoo website page URL?
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Odoo comes with beautiful and easy website builder. Building a website/eCommerce store is so easy on Odoo.  One can easily create webpage by dragging and dropping the predefined snippets. Odoo website builder also allows user to add meta tags and description on the web page to improve your search engine ranking. but Odoo allows user to configure the URL easily but not effectively . 

 URLs describe a site or page to visitors and search engines. Keeping them relevant, compelling, and accurate is the key to ranking well.

Odoo has given the nice UI  to change the URL of the webpage. But when you change the URL it gives you 404 redirect.

Here is our webpage of  Openies Services.

openies_odoo_pageThen we edited the menu and check the URL. Odoo has automatically set the URL as the page title in our case it is “openies”.



After that we realised to change the Title from Openies to Openies Services, so we have changed the URL and title.

and when we opened a page we got 404 redirect.



How to change Odoo website page URL?

To change the page URL is little technical. here are six easy steps to change the odoo website page URL without any Odoo SEO app.

  1. Enable the developer mode in order to see the technical features under setting menu.
  2. Go to the Settings > Technical > User interface > views
  3. Search for the page you have created and wanted to change the URL.(all the odoo website pages are stored here.)
    in our case we have searched Openies for example.
  4. Open Form view. we need to change the View Name and key
  5. View name will change the Title of the odoo website page and key will change the URL. For URL we will change key from website.openies to website.openies-services. do not remove prefix website.
  6. The final result of the webpage will look like below screenshot. Where you can see the changed title and URL.
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