Odoo Branding company
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Odoo Branding company
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Provide branding on sales orders, stock pickings and sales invoices.

Branding companies provide the same information as companies. However, they are not linked to accounting in any way. Branding companies are there to provide a different “face” to different groups of customers or other partners.

The following attributes are already supported: – logo – name – email – website – rml_footer

The following attributes might make sense to support as well: – rml_header – address (link to res_partner) And maybe others.

Further, it would be nice if the replacement of the normal company logo (and other information) on reports could be completely automatic for objects linked to a shop. As it is, we need to customize the reports.

Both users and partners might be linked to a certain branding. If a user is linked to a branding, sales orders and invoices created by that user will default to that branding. If a partner (customer) is linked to a branding, it will also be the default for invoices and sales order for that customer. The customer default overrides (is more important) then the user default.

Actually for invoices the default branding will be taken from the sales order, if a sales order is present. This can be no branding. Only when a customer invoice is NOT linked to a sales order, the default branding applies.

You can use the branding logo in the header of your reports that use the standard header by adding the following definition to the rml header of the main company:

[[ (company.logo if not ‘branding_company_id’ in objects[0] else objects[0].branding_company_id.logo) or removeParentNode(‘image’) ]]

In the future we will use the separate rml information of the branding companies themselves.

Or you can use this in your custom reports: <image x=”5.25cm” y=”3.75cm” width=”150.0″ height=”100.0″

>[[ o.branding_company_id and o.branding_company_id.logo or company.logo]]</image>

You could try to change all your qweb based reports by changing the external_layout view (Settings==>User Interface==>Views): (NOT TESTED YET)

<?xml version=”1.0″?> <t t-name=”report.external_layout”>

<!– Multicompany –> <t t-if=”o and ‘company_id’ in o”>

<t t-set=”company” t-value=”o.company_id”/>

</t> <t t-if=”not o or not ‘company_id’ in o”>

<t t-set=”company” t-value=”res_company”/>

<t t-if=”o and ‘branding_company_id’ in o”>
<t t-set=”company” t-value=”o.branding_company_id”/>


<t t-call=”report.external_layout_header”/> <t t-raw=”0″/> <t t-call=”report.external_layout_footer”/>




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