Odoo Run two or more openerp servers simultaneously
5 March, 2021 by
Odoo Run two or more openerp servers simultaneously

How to work on two different versions of openerp simultaneously

When you start openerp server by typing on terminal
it takes

  •    addons path- bin/addons
  •    database port: 5432
  •    run by default on port : 8069

When you are running single server or single version of openerp  ,no special need to specify port . if u want to work with two or more server at same time , then u need to specify different port

./openerp-server  –xmlrpc-port=2000 –xmlrpcs-port=2001 –netrpc-port=2002

This command will run your server on 2000 port.
To update any module on this you need to use this command.

./openerp-server -u module -d database –xmlrpc-port=2000 –xmlrpcs-port=2001 –netrpc-port=2002

For first time Start OpenERP server like this:
./openerp-server.py --addons-path=~/home/workspace/stable/addons
The bin/addons will be considered as default addons directory which can be overriden by the~/home/workspace/stable/addons. That is if an addon exists in bin/addons as well as~/home/workspace/stable/addons (custom path) the later one will be given preference over the bin/addons (default path).
Two configuration files are available:
  • one for the client: ~/.openerprc
  • one for the server: ~/.openerp_serverrc

“openerprc” file  stores default information for client including default addons path.