Camp management Clouds
5 March, 2021 by
Camp management Clouds
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Save Time With CAMP

A Cloud Application Management for Platforms (CAMP) solution can help you organize and streamline your cloud management, making it far easier for you and your staff to meet the increasing demands that come with growth.

We started Morpheus to help bridge the gap between IT and Dev and make the business side of cloud management simple.


With Morpheus, you can provision apps and databases in real-time to public, private, and hybrid clouds and spin up databases, apps, environments, and more with a few simple clicks. Additionly, database scaling is as simple as adding nodes when needed. With IT able to set up environments quickly, dev can begin working on new projects fast. This streamlining helps to alleviate the presence of Shadow IT, as the end user will not need to wait nearly as long for a new system.

For the business side, Morpheus provides automatic logging, monitoring, and backups of your systems. You can determine the backup time and frequency to ensure that you get the backups you need, when you need them. Morpheus takes care of infrastructure, setup, scaling, and more, and sends you alerts when your attention is needed. What does that mean? It means you get part of your life back. Imagine having more freedom to take care of the slew of tasks that have been heaped on your shoulders?

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