How to edit Website Contact Form location map?
5 March, 2021 by
How to edit Website Contact Form location map?
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I also added a nice map with the insert block of treehouse theme but wouldn’t need the default map there. How to remove it totally?


Found a solution (look the comment, but it is missing the code part in it)

Although, I’d like to edit a xml template in the theme folder for this type of stuff, I did get a solution to edit this now:

Go to Settings -> Technical -> User Interface -> Views

Search for “website.company_description” (or just “company” and select the right one from the filtered list).

Edit the view and comment out the map part of it in the following way:


<a t-att-href=”res_company.google_map_link()” target=”_BLANK”>

<img class=”thumbnail img-responsive” t-att-src=”res_company.google_map_img()”/>

</a> –>

You may loose these edits when upgrading Odoo or it’s core Website functions but when uninstalling, installing themes, these edits should keep intact.



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