Odoo Cannot login to http://localhost:8069/web/login
5 March, 2021 by
Odoo Cannot login to http://localhost:8069/web/login
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While installing apps ODOO 9.0. the system timed out and asked for my email & password however everything entered is wrong. The id & password for postgresSQL works but I cannot login. I see the admin password in the conf file but it does not work. Please assist.

I resolved this problem. It seems that during the install when creating the admin user there was a password question which I forgot about. The login page asked for email address and that threw me. The solution was user = admin and password = the password you put in at that time during the install.

if your postgress is working you can do one thing.connect to postgres,connect to your database and execute the update query in res_users table for changing password for admin user,normall admin will have id=1

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